Agriculture and radioactive waste

18 December 2017

Karen Baines is a Farmer and Farm Safety & Compliance Consultant North West of Ungarra on the Eyre Peninsula. She recently visited Sydney and Canberra along with the Buckleboo Farm Improvement Group on an agricultural tour to find out more on radioactive waste storage and its impact on Agriculture.

Before undertaking research and visiting ANTSO, Geoscience and meeting with former Minister Barnaby Joyce, she had no definitive opinion on the NRWMF.

"After much thought and research, my opinion is that any potential threats to health & safety posed by this facility are extremely remote," she said.

"I would be happy to have this type of facility nearby to our farm."

"I feel far more comfortable about the safety of this facility than I do with some of the chemicals we use on farm and the complacency that surrounds their risk," she explained.

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