Cultural heritage training

26 May 2017

Children perform a traditional dance

In the first week of May members of the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility project team took part in training to learn about Adnyamathanha culture, tradition and community – an important part of the consultation process in the communities near the nominated site at Wallerberdina Station.

Project team members listened to presentations on Australian history, including colonisation, assimilation and life growing up in the Flinders Ranges.

They were able to watch dances and listen to stories passed down the generations as part of a rich oral tradition connecting family members to each other and the land.

The department thanks the facilitators of the cultural training which has enriched the knowledge of the team working on the project.

The project team will continue its engagement with traditional owners as it coordinates a cultural heritage assessment at the nominated site of Wallerberdina Station, near Hawker in South Australia.Viliwarinha Yura Aboriginal Corporation (VYAC) chair Dawn Likouresis said the training gave non-indigenous people the opportunity to understand Aboriginal culture and perspectives.

“Even though a majority of us live away from our country we always return home to our yarta,” she said.

“Returning to country is part of healing.

“The group sat and listened patiently. They watched dancing and heard stories which had been given down from generation to generation. Those lullabies, those songs, will go down from my daughter to her daughter and so on.

“By doing this cross cultural awareness training people understand how much the Aboriginal people value their culture.”