Where is ANSTO, Lucas Heights?

29 May 2017

Low-level radioactive waste at ANSTO, Lucas Heights.

Often we are asked, “shouldn’t you store the waste in a really remote location”?

The answer is our site does not need to be in a really remote location from a safety perspective.

In fact, we want our facility to be close enough to a community so it can be operated by a local workforce and is able to bring economic benefits to residents.

At the moment a significant amount of the waste is temporarily and safely stored at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s Lucas Heights facility, which is close to thousands of Sydney residents.

ANSTO’s research reactor is 500 metres from a childcare centre, less than two kilometres from the suburb of Engadine and three kilometres or less away from a local athletics track, the suburb of Barden Ridge and a local school.

The surrounding bushland perimeter consists of ridges and valleys, and does not provide enough developable land for our planned National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

Part of the bushland perimeter is also currently being used as a tip, which will operate for another 25 years.