News and Activities

Dr Vladimir Levchenko at ANSTO's Lucas Heights facility

29 November 2016

Historical breakthrough

Nuclear science sheds light on the extraordinary age of Aboriginal settlement.

A building in Hawker

21 November 2016

Community group formed

Local community group established as part of the consultation process.

A farm

1 November 2016

Farm export accreditation

Community members have raised concerns the project may harm the ability of agricultural producers near the site.

ANSTO researcher

11 October 2016

Correcting the record

The Department supports the right of the MAPW to oppose all nuclear activity, but must correct some facts.

Facebook icon

4 October 2016

Like us on Facebook!

We’re excited to announce the project team is now on Facebook.

ANSTO research reactor

2 October 2016

A healthier nation

Nuclear medicine today answers the questions that plagued the health system for too long.

Quorn Show

30 September 2016

Our Quorn Show visit

Thanks for dropping by at the Quorn Agricultural Show

Community meeting

16 September 2016

Consultative Committee

The next step in the consideration of a site for a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

Man transporting radioactive waste

6 May 2016

"Still no time to waste": expert

National radioactive waste management: There is (still) no time to waste

Project team member

5 May 2016

Thanks for the passion

The Government thanks communities for considered views - a letter from the Department.

Rainway Bridge

29 April 2016

Barndioota site shortlisted

The Government has shortlisted the voluntarily nominated site in Barndioota

ANSTO Opal research reactor

8 April 2016

Nuclear waste in Australia

Australia’s nuclear medicine industry provides a crucial service to the nation, Dr Geoff Currie says.