Consultative committee

A local consultative committee will be established at each site that progresses to the technical assessment stage of the project. This allows the community to be represented independently and voice their questions in a forum ran by locals, while interacting with the Government.

The committee will be made up of community members and stakeholders from the regional community and will be independently chaired. The committee will meet to provide advice on key aspects of the facility, such as: site design, environmental monitoring, employment and business opportunities and the Community Benefit Programme. The chairperson will facilitate and finalise meeting agenda and notes for all committee  meetings. 

These committees are one of the ways the Australian Government will work with the communities in assessing shortlisted sites. This is in addition to engaging with traditional owners, neighbouring landowners, key stakeholders and the general public to ensure concerns and issues are understood and considered in the decision making process.

Role of the committee

The committee will meet regularly throughout the process to discuss key aspects of the facility, such as:

  • identification of the key social and community values to be considered in the evaluation of the sites
  • advice and input into the potential issues affecting the community in relation to the project
  • identification of suitable options and solutions to address key issues and concerns
  • input, feedback and outcomes to be considered after technical investigations and field studies and the analysis of options
  • evaluation of the suitability of proposed projects under the Community Benefit Programme.

The committee will adhere to the requirements as set out in the Act as a minimum. The chairperson will work with the committee to develop and agree to a terms of reference that outlines how the committee will operate.