Cultural heritage

As part of the technical assessment stage, a comprehensive and independent assessment of cultural heritage by qualified experts will be done in collaboration with the traditional owners.

A cultural heritage assessment will establish the possibility of locating the facility on the site without impacting on cultural areas. 

This information can form the basis of a Cultural Heritage Management Plan which sets out how important sites and knowledge can be protected and preserved for the future. The Government will provide support for the development of a plan along with supporting heritage surveys and documentation.

Cultural heritage at Wallerberdina Station, near Hawker, South Australia

The Wallerberdina Station site is now in the technical assessment stage. At this site the Department is aware of the significant heritage value of existing sites, such as Hookina Creek, and the facility will not impact these areas.

The cultural heritage study will respect and acknowledge the close connection Aboriginal people have to the land and will be a significant step in documenting, understanding and further preserving areas of cultural significance.