Safety and regulations

Preliminary Safety and Waste Acceptance Report of the National Radioative Waste Management Facility (PDF 467KB)

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It will be completely safe to visit the facility or work around materials at the site, which will be under a strict regulatory framework.

A worker at our facility in daily contact with radioactive waste would have to work more than 10 years at the facility to receive the same amount of radiation as a patient having a single CT chest scan.

Because of the shielding of the storage containers at the site and rigorous safety oversight there will be effectively no measurable radiation above background levels expected even relatively close to the storage sheds or vaults.

The best comparison to a similar workplace already operating is ANSTO’s nuclear research reactor facility at Lucas Heights.

ANSTO staff work around low and intermediate radioactive waste. Their own words most clearly demonstrate how safe it is to work at ANSTO.

Bridget Murphy - ANSTO education manager

Bridget Murphy

ANSTO education manager

“I am about to have my second child. I have no issues working at a facility that manages radioactive waste. I know that it is managed safely.”


Steve Dimitrovski - health physics surveyor

Steve Dimitrovski

Health physics surveyor

“I have been working with radioactive waste for 12 years. We have the skills and the know-how to ensure it’s managed properly. There’s no way I would work here if I wasn’t sure about that.”

Steve's workplace welcomes more than 15,000 visitors a year to see its nuclear research reactor facility.