Hawker to get virtual reality check

7 September 2018

The Transcontinental 6 September 2018

Hawker residents will soon be taken on a virtual reality (VR) experience at the atomic scale to witness the wonders of science.

A VR booth is set to be introduced in the Kimba office for the proposed national radioactive waste management facility on Monday, September 17, then in Hawker soon after.

The new VR experience, created by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), shows viewers how neutrons work inside Australia’s multi-purpose Opal Reactor.

The neutrons help produce nuclear medicine, irradiate silicon for industry or be part of a research experiment.

Local communities in Hawker and Kimba can also use the technology to watch the ANSTO staff at work inside the reactor floor. 

Rod Dowler from ANSTO’s Discovery Centre said the technology gives residents in Hawker and Kimba an insight into how tiny neutrons can benefit all Australians.

“From health, to researching our environment, supporting industry and helping create new technologies that help us live more sustainably, nuclear science is vital to our future,” he said.

“This VR technology means that we can explain more clearly to everyone, and particularly school students, how the OPAL reactor works and we hope this creates a spark of interest in science that may lead them into a STEM career.”

ANSTO is offering free cardboard headsets in Hawker and Kimba, giving residents the chance to take the VR experience home.

The experience can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and on Google’s Play Store, and can be viewed in 2D or 3D VR.