Kimba ballot

23 June 2017

Project team member with community member.

The people of Kimba have voted on whether or not they want to continue a conversation about hosting a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility for Australian radioactive waste.

An independent postal ballot, facilitated by the Kimba District Council and administered by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), concluded on Wednesday.

The ballot asked the 793 residents and landholders in Kimba whether they support continuing a conversation about the facility being hosted at Napandee and Lyndhurst. The specific question was:

Do you support a nomination for a site being progressed to Phase 2 for further consultation for a National Radioactive Low/Intermediate Level Waste Management Facility?

Some 698 people lodged a vote. A declaration of the results was provided from the AEC to representatives from Kimba Council, which showed:

 396 respondents voted ‘yes’
 294 respondents voted ‘no’
 7 votes were rejected at preliminary scrutiny
 1 vote was informal

A Department spokesperson welcomed the strong community turnout.

Next steps

The Minister for Resources and Northern Australia will consider the results of the ballot, submissions received during the consultation process and a summary of feedback received by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science during the consultation period, before making a decision as to whether a site at Kimba will proceed to the next phase.

If a site at Kimba moves to a Phase Two process, this would involve in-depth technical analysis and detailed community consultation.

Irrespective of the outcome, the Phase Two consultation continues at Wallerberdina Station in South Australia, after the local community earlier demonstrated broad support.