New skate park unveiled in Quorn

31 October 2018

The Transcontinental 30 October 2018

Kids in Quorn have a new spot to show off their best tricks and flips following the official opening of the skate park on Railway Terrace.

The Quorn Skate Park was officially opened in October by Flinders Ranges Council Mayor Peter Slattery, state Member for Giles Eddie Hughes and skate-aid Australia.

The Flinders Ranges Council had been working towards establishing a skate park in Quorn for about 10 years, but the dream became a reality when funding was secured.

The project received a 20 per cent funding commitment from the state government, before a significant contribution was made through the proposed national radioactive waste management facility’s community benefit package.

Mayor Slattery said it’s fantastic to see the park already being well-utilised.

“Obviously it gives the kids something else to do and recognises that they’re an important part of our community,” he said.

“We also think there’s a good chance it’ll bring people here and give visitors something to do as well.”

Kids flocked to the skate park for the opening day, with skate-aid Australia conducting skating lessons and a host of competitions for all ages.

Dave Fisher from skate-aid Australia said skate parks get children engaging with their environment, surroundings and with each other.

“The kids are learning persistence, resilience and if you get knocked down, you’ve got to get back up again,” he said.

“They’re learning to deal with those situations, which is going to do nothing but help them out later in life.”