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Man handling low-level radioactive waste

5 February 2016

National facility offers opportunity

The six locations identified were selected following a nomination process that saw 28 sites voluntarily put forward by land owners

Town hall meeting

29 January 2016

ABC: Robyn Lambley and Stewart Brash

Member for Araluen Robyn Lambley talks to Stewart Brash 

Champagne, France

28 January 2016

Getting the facts straight

Letters to the editor

International radioactive waste facility

23 January 2016

Waste safe wherever it is'

Letters to the editor

ANSTO researcher

21 January 2016

Transcript, 2GB

Transcript, 2GB: Josh Frydenberg and Ray Hadley

Man driving forklift moving barrels of radioactive waste

13 November 2015

Six sites shortlisted

The Government has shortlisted six sites for further evaluation and public consultation

Federal Waste

3 March 2015

Voluntary land nominations

The Australian Government has opened the process for voluntary site nominations

Radioactive waste facility at Cumbria

8 September 2014

Nominations for facility

Government’s intention to consider opening a nationwide volunteer process for land owners

ANSTO's facility at Lucas Heights

13 May 2014

Attracting private sector investment

The Abbott Government is strategically investing more than $125 million in the resources and energy sectors