Media Statement: Statement on documents released under FOI

27 December 2018

The following can be attributed to a spokesperson for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science: 

“The Department of Defence has ongoing operations in the Woomera Protected Area, meaning a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility is an incompatible land use,” said the spokesperson. 

“The waste at Woomera must be relocated out of the controlled defence area, and will be consolidated, with waste from more than 100 other locations around Australia, into the Facility when it is established.

“The National Radioactive Waste Management Facility will create 45 jobs in the safe management of the by-products of nuclear medicine production and other important research.

“Two sites in Kimba and one near Hawker are being considered after they were volunteered by landowners, and the communities near them were supportive of discussing this new, safe industry.

“While the Department is mindful that both communities have a desire for an outcome as soon as possible, a court process is currently underway, and we thank the communities for their patience.”

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