Heritage and local industries

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It is important to the department to protect heritage at any of the nominated sites. At Wallerberdina Station in 2017, a Heritage Working Group was formed in consultation with the Adnyamthanha Tradition Land Association (ATLA) and the Viliwarinha Yura Aboriginal Corporation (VYAC) to facilitate discussions and consultation regarding heritage and the aboiringal cultural heritage assessment. In Kimba the nominated sites are located within the Barngarla Native Title Claim area, however Native Title has been extinguished on both properties. Expert heritage consultants from RPS were engaged by the department to undertake an independent Aboriginal heritage assessment.

There are a number of opportunities that the Australian Government would seek to take to involve the local Aboriginal communities in all future stages of the project. This would involve training and employment opportunities as part of the operation of the facility, as well as during construction.

The department is also looking at the impact the proposed facility could have on the local industries near the proposed sites. Radioactive waste facilities and farms have succeeded side-by-side for decades, both in Australia and around the world, without and reputational or market impact on surrounding agriculture, tourism or other community activities.