Expert Views

The project team wants to link you with views from experts about radioactive waste and its management.

The team is looking to bring a delegation from international communities which host radioactive waste management facilities will be brought to Australia to visit communities where potential sites are being considered.

Also, read the views of experts in their field - here are some examples: 

Still no time to waste

It was twenty years ago last month that the Parliament of Australia released No Time to Waste, writes Dr John Loy, a hefty report which, amongst other things, noted that the search for a single place to store Australia’s radioactive waste had commenced almost 20 years before that, in 1979.

Fast forward to today, and there is still no national facility, and radioactive waste is still spread over more than 100 locations across Australia.

We need nuclear research reactors

The anti-nuclear lobby's argument that you don't need nuclear reactors to produce nuclear medicine is factually inaccurate, writes Associate Professor Geoff Currie.

Nuclear medicine is a critical part of modern health systems and is used in hospitals and medical centres to diagnose and treat a vast array of conditions including cancer and heart, lung, muscular, neurological and skeletal conditions.