Nominating a site

A property owner whose land becomes the final chosen site for the facility will be paid four times the value of the land.

A person can nominate a site at any time in accordance with section 7 of the National Radioactive Waste Management Act 2012 up until the final site is selected.

The department strongly recommends the landholder first contact the department to discuss their interest before submitting a formal site nomination to the Minister.

It will help if the landholder obtains evidence to back up the nomination, such as statements of support from the community.

If a nominator contacts the department in relation to nominating land, the department will outline the nomination process and gather specific information from the landholder in order for the project team to assist a nominator to submit a formal nomination.

The nomination guidelines (PDF 512KB, WORD 191KB) updated as of November 2016 - and the draft access licence arrangement (PDF 596KB, WORD 80KB) attached to the guidelines - are available for download.

Landholders are encouraged to use the Radioactive Waste Site Identification Application to identify their site.

This tool provides a simple way to identify the parcel of land to be nominated and its GPS coordinates.